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32144 Technology Research Preparation

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Assessment Task 2: Literature-Based Report Aim and Intent

To establish search skills and the ability to evaluate the appropriateness of the articles chosen. To develop the skills of critical analysis and synthesis, direct and indirect citation, referencing and the writing of a complete report.

This assessment task addresses the following Subject Learning Objectives (SLOs): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.*

This assessment task contributes to the development of the following Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs): A1, B.1, C.1 and E.1*

NB: Please refer to Subject Outline for SLO and CILO descriptors. Task Description

Task 2 provides students with the opportunity to source existing academic and industry literature on their chosen research topic and begin writing about it in an organised and logical way. The task is intended to provide students with the necessary background to develop their Project Proposal (Task 3).

The assignment will be in the form of a report, which synthesises information from a minimum of 10 high quality texts that you have sourced, critically evaluated and analysed. Students should select texts from both industry and academic sources, including:

  • Online academic databases (e.g., ProQuest Central, Google Scholar, Scopus (Elsevier) Web of Science, and Discovery (EBSCO)) containing journal articles and conference papers;
  • Online industry report databases (e.g., Gartner.com, IBIS Industry World Reports) which provide research and analysis about the global information technology industry – as well as industry profiles, supply chains, main activities, leading companies, market overviews, consumers, forecasts, etc.
  • Academic books and book chapters are also welcome.

    The task is designed to develop and assess your ability to evaluate the quality of academic and/or industry articles, their suitability for the context in which you are researching (e.g., IT industry or academic context), and your ability to synthesise the literature sourced in a logical and critical evaluation of related research.

    You will develop and demonstrate your writing skills – paraphrasing, synthesising, structuring a logical organisation of ideas, critical analysis, proofreading and editing – using your own words as far as possible, and correctly citing all work drawn from other writers, whether paraphrased or quoted directly.

    Additionally, you will need to show your ability to create a reference list and your mastery of direct and indirect citation. Students may create their reference lists using bibliographic software such as EndNote.

    NB: Using bibliographic software such as Endnote and Zotero is optional.