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For this assignment, points will be given for each correct placement. Because of the way this is taught in class,

Master 2.3 Check Inventory availability Sales Order transactions Available to Purchase Approved Order 24 Record Approved Order New Sales Order Record Sales Back Order alert Sales BackOrder alert New Sales Order notification 3.0 Record Piding and Shipping Production System Procure to Pay System Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Record Picking and Shipping (Process #3) Authorization to pick via open Sales Order 2.0 Process Sales Orders Notice of new sales order 3.1 Record Pick and Pack Picked status update Sales Order Transactions Carrier reference Packing list data Shipping notification 4.0 Bill Customer Carrier data Sales Order confirmation Shipment documents (e.g., Bill of Lading, Packing Slip) 3.2 Record Shipment Order shipped data Shipping Notice, Packing Slip Inventory New Shipment Shipped Record Inventory Master Carrier Customer Shipping Transactions Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Bill Customer (Process #4) Shipping Transactions Approved Order Confirmation Sales Order Transactions Shipment details/ confirmation 3.0 Record Picking and Shipment Shipping notification 4.1

order now

Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Process Quote Requests (Process #1)
Request for
1.1 Collect

data Customer Accounts Receivables data Credit Card Sale data 4.3 Charge Credit Card Card Charge Request General Ledger & Reporting System Credit Card Company Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Record Cash Collections (Process #5) Customer Physical Remittances (Checks, Cash, etc.) 5.1 Log Physical Remittances Checks

Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Process Sales Orders (Process #2)
2.5 Respond
to Order