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CSC 142 Animated Scene Project 2B 13 pts

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Goals: • Provide practice working with DrawingPanel and Graphics objects. • Provide practice using methods (including parameters). • Provide practice for you to use loops to simulate motion in animated scene.

Description: Design and code an animation scene. It should be more than just simple movements (i.e. more than what we've covered together in class). A good rule of thumb would be that the animation should have at 4 – 6 different “effects” or “movements”. In your reflections journal please clearly list the different animated components. Good programming practices should be observed, including utilizing methods (with parameters as needed) to compartmentalize and reduce redundancy. Please comment each method, clearly describing what it does, and provide in-line comments for any “tricky” code that may need explaining. Upload your file along with a Reflections.doc to canvas for submission.

Submission: [11 pts] Submit the file. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria: • A complete program with at least 4 animation components (8 pts) • Use of methods (with parameters, as needed) (2 pts) • Descriptive and clear commenting (1 pts) [2 pts] Submit a journal reflecting on the work you’ve done. Include a list of the four+ animation components that you are utilizing. Also describe any difficulties you had with achieving the desired results, or any special design components that you used. Give approximate time spent on Anima


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