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Creating an annotated bibliography is a useful tool for organizing and classifying your literature. However, you cannot just place an annotated bibliography into your doctoral study and stop for the day. What you will need is a Literature Review — the primary purpose of to identify the doctoral study’s position within the framework of previous research on the topic. The literature review is not merely a list of books, articles, and Internet sites related to the topic. Rather, it is an organized and coherent synthesis of the best and most relevant research related to the doctoral study topic. The literature review chapter is, as you should anticipate, is a logical extension of the literature review section in the proposal/prospectus. In this discussion forum, you will explore the differences between an annotated bibliography and a literature review and then try your hand at a brief literature review using your own sources.

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Considering the three elements of a scholarly response to a discussion question, address the following two elements in an APA formatted scholarly posting (see the three elements attached)

(a) In approximately 500 words, compare and contrast an annotated bibliography with a literature review. Highlight the differences of each, when you would use one versus the other, and why both are critical to your success in this program and as a scholar.

(b) Using one of the two matrixes provided in the resources section, complete a matrix for your two scholarly sources. While you do not need to submit the completed matrix, describe your experiences in completing the matrix and perhaps provide some tips to your fellow colleagues on any things you learned while completing this exercise.

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