Applied Consumer Psych

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Applied Consumer Psych Assessment.
It also gives the student much exposure to foreign markets and their mode of operations. Many Chinese undergraduate students are enrolling in foreign universities to get the much-needed education. It is not that their universities do not offer good education but the students want to have diverse knowledge when it comes to advancing their careers in different fields. In the past few years, there has been an increase of Chinese business students in foreign universities. However, the students have not been satisfied with the reception that they get in these universities. It is very rare to see Chinese students mingling with other students freely. (See graphical representation in appendix figure 2)
The distance that is experienced is evident in almost all universities that accept students from other countries. This problem is brought about by the difference in culture of the students. Language barrier is also another factor that does not allow them to mingle well with their other schoolmates. There are a lot of stereotyping in universities that makes these Chinese students shy away from socializing with other students. They will never go to parties, clubs, and other social gatherings. The population of Chinese students in foreign universities is very low making it hard for them to have their own groups. A research was carried out on Chinese students on the level of socializing and coping with campus life, checking on their satisfaction levels. Results showed that few Chinese students were aware of the extra circular activities that happen in the campus and only a few of them had friends in the universities (Dollinger, 2005).
In this paper, we are going to review many online journals so that we can come up with the best information to illustrate our topic. We are going to look at things like stereotyping and language barrier. According to Dollinger (2005), many factors lead to

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