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BN20 NSG3204 Assessment 1 – Research Critique
Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this assessment and subject, learners will be able to:
1. Describe the relationship between research, education, evidence-based
practice and nursing practice development.
2. Critically evaluate research evidence using appraisal framework to translate
research into nursing practice.
Research Critique:
Choose one (1) of the published pieces of research provided and prepare a 750–1000
word critical appraisal about that chosen publication, based on the CASP critical
appraisal framework (outlined below).
You are expected to refer to contemporary (nursing) research texts / articles as part
of the appraisal process. You need to provide a minimum of six (6) academic
references that have been published within the last ten years.

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Please select one (1) article from the list below. These have been uploaded
onto Brightspace.
Chua, W. L., Legido-Quigley, H., Jones, J., Hassan,N, B., Tee,A & Liaw, S, Y.
(2020). A call for better doctor-nurse collaboration: A qualitative study of the
experiences of junior doctors and nurses in escalating care for deteriorating ward
Australian Critical Care, 33, 54-61.
Basile, V., Di Mauro, A., Scalini, E., Comes, P., Lofu, I., Mostert, M., Tafuri, S &
Manzionna, M. M. (2015). Lung ultrasound: a useful tool in diagnosis and
management of bronchiolitis.
BMC paediatrics, 15(63). DOI 10.1186/s12887-015-
Massey, D., Chaboyer, W & Aitken, L. (2014). Nurses’ perceptions of accessing a
Medical Emergency Team: A qualitative study.
Australian Critical Care, 27. 133-
Mochizuki, K., Shintani, R., Mori, K., Sato, T., Sakaguchi, O., Takeshige, K., Nitta,
K & Imamura, H. (2017). Importance of respiratory rate for the prediction of clinical


deterioration after emergency department discharge: a single-center, case–control
Acute Medicine and Surgery, 4, 172-178. doi: 10.1002/ams2.252

The critical appraisal must address the following criteria:

Criteria Description
Introduction Identify the research article under review.
Clear opening statements explaining the content & focus of
your assignment paper.
Use the recommended format & structure of paper: Arial 12 &
double spaced.
Presentation & writing
style of assignment
Academic style, grammar, spelling/sentence structure.
Integrated & logical flow of text.
Use of APA 7th edition referencing – intext & reference
Overview of the
research article
Identify Authors +/- qualifications.
The publication.
Clear and objective abstract.
Summary of research
article being critiqued
Design of the Study
Study Hypothesis / Aim
Is this made clear?
What is it?
Are there any ethical considerations? If so, were they
Sample description.
Study setting.


Method / Methodology
Explain the method / methodology utilised in the study,
was it appropriate?
Does the method / methodology address the aim of the
research? Explain.
Was the data collected in a way that addressed the
research issues?
Was the data analysis method/s sufficiently rigorous?
Is there a clear statement of findings? Explain.
Limitations for the study.
Can the results be applied to the local health care
context? Explain. How would this contribute to
evidenced based practice?
Recommendations for future research.
Strategies for
translation from
research findings to
Identify two strategies that could be utilized to embed
these research findings into nursing clinical practice.
Describe the impact of integrating the research into
nursing education
and practice on clinical patient
Conclusion Conclusion of your assignment paper.

Mark loading: 20%
Due date: Sunday 28th August 2022 at 11.59pm (midnight).

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