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Assessment Requirements

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Start your assessment with an executive summary of what you are researching, who your client is and what is the objective of the project. Also confirm what you are going to report on in this piece of work – so define the assessment requirements.


  • What steps have been undertaken in the planning and preparation of the project plan for implementation?


Use your Assessment 1 Proposal to expand here. I want to see:


A plan of action – A timeline or sequence of tasks with details of who is going to action them and how. Dates for completion of each task. Your timeline should include the date you began the project through to you presentation, handing up your report for Assessment 4


  • Describe the communication process between team members and with stakeholders.


Detail who you have communicated with, how and the responses. If communicating with the client – remember, I need to see the communication before it is sent. Here, you may be asking them to confirm any questions, tighten up your areas of research. You can include the next task here as well. Make sure all people involved are included into emails. Consider using a shared document to everybody knows what is happening in real time. Consider if your communication is formal or informal, if tasks are easily understood


  • Describe how negotiation was used dealing with team members and stakeholders.


Here you may want to report on how you negotiated the scope of the project with your client. This may include an interview with them and asking a selection of open questions. Let them speak and tell you what information they want. From there you can fine tune further questions to define the parameters of research and what they want out of it. Negotiation would also include using your evaluation tool to ensure you are on target with your research and findings.


  • Describe the role are you actively undertaking?


Report on what you are doing and how you are approaching your tasks. This may include outlining who is doing what. For example, John is responsible for researching the current market place, Sue is responsible for product development, and Mia is undertaking the role of project co-ordinator which involves pulling all elements together and creating the group report. Make sure this reflects the information in your time line, with dates for completion and work done to date.





  • What type of monitoring has been applied to ensure you will meet timelines and stakeholder expectations?


Here I want to see your evaluation tool being utilised. Think of it as a questionnaire that you can ask yourself to check that you are on track. Questions may include:

  • What is our objective and are we on track to answer the brief?
  • What does the client think of our work so far?
  • Are tasks being completed in the allocated time frame?



  • How has any conflict between team members and stakeholders been managed?

Report on how you have managed communication issues and work allocation. Investigate the best ways to deal with conflict – make sure you reference any research here. Assertiveness, willingness to compromise, listening to everyones views etc are all strategies for dealing with conflict.

Ensure you have a minimum of 5 academic references.