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WEB 240 Learning Teams will be assigned a Virtual Organization website. Teams will evaluate the use of design principles within the site. They will also propose recommendations for improvements to the site and use a web design tool, such as Adobe® Dreamweaver®, to develop a visual mockup. Each Learning Team must submit a 10- to 12-page written evaluation of the existing website, including recommendations for improvement and a prototype of proposed changes due in Week Five. The requirements for this total project include the following (Due Week 5): Work together to create a list of essential design criteria for evaluating a website. • Create a comprehensive list of design features from the list each person created during Week One. • Organize the list under category headings. Create your own headings or use those provided on the sample checklist. • Prioritize the list and keep only the top 20 design criteria. Evaluate the site to determine the intended purpose and audience. Complete a comparative review of two sites with purposes and audiences similar to those of the Virtual Organization site you are evaluating. Use the design criteria developed by the team for the review. Evaluate the use of design principles within the Virtual Organization site using the design criteria developed within the team. Propose recommendations for improvement based on the evaluations. Create a redesigned homepage prototype and a redesigned secondary page prototype. For the prototype, Adobe® Dreamweaver® is recommended. Prepare a 10- to 12-page written evaluation due in Week Five of the existing website, to include the following: • The Virtual Organization being evaluated, its purpose, and intended audience • The list of design criteria created by the team, including a description of why each was considered to be important • The results of the comparative review of sites • A detailed analysis of the selected Virtual Organization site based on the chosen design criteria that includes graphics, figures, images screen mockups, and descriptive text where appropriate • Recommendations for improvements to the site based on the design analysis and the inclusion of metadata to promote the website • A description of proposed changes Prepare the redesigned homepage prototype as well as a redesigned secondary page prototype due in Week Five. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Week 1 Create the Learning Team Charter

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