Assignment – Stitching Together a Perspective on Organizational Design, Change, and Innovation

Assignment Prompt
One of the most important qualities that we develop as graduate students is an awareness of the thought leaders in our fields. This is the work that supercharges our activities as managers as the new ideas we come into contact with challenge our preconceptions. These ideas give us the opportunities to consider new avenues of action when navigating challenges.
This week’s assignment is designed to assist you in gaining literacy in the ideas of seminal thinkers in organizational change and innovation. It is not enough that we just understand the examples; we must understand the theories that are being applied around us in our professional environments. You may want to begin your search with the work of leaders such as those you considered in the discussion board this week (Deming, Drucker, and Senge) on their ideas; however, please feel free to open up your search in wider parameters concerning organizations, their structures, and operating environments.
Please identify a minimum of 5 sources from the library, produce an appropriate APA reference for each of these sources, and describe the core points of each of these authors in a minimum of 150 words for each source.
Finally, provide a 1 page conclusion, set apart with a proper APA heading, that synthesizes the ideas of each of the presented authors into an introductory, though well-informed, opinion of your own in the shape of a personal essay. For clarity, the conclusion does not require referencing.

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