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Attached is a data model design for the Garden glory project questions in assignment 2. Use this data model to complete the following tasks. 1. Transform the data model to physical model (database design). Note: a. Draw the entity-relationship diagram (ERD) in Crow’s foot notation using MS Visio 2013/2016. Use only the crow’s foot database notation (template) in MS Visio (10 pts. penalty is assessed if the wrong template is used). b. There must be no many-to-many relationships. c. The ERD must include not only tables, foreign keys and relationships with cardinalities but also all columns and their data types (do not use char type only, you need to choose the appropriate data types for each column instead) and also display data types in the Visio file (10 pts. reduction if data types are not included or displayed). d. The names must be the same as provided in the data model; clearly label the primary keys and foreign keys. e. foreign keys are required, i.e., cannot be null. 2 All. Transform the physical model/database design to an actual database using MS Access 2013/2016 for all tables and relationships. The data types for each column in Access should be compatible with those defined in database design above. Populate the tables with real data (you can make up) and each table needs to have at least 5 rows. Don’t forget to enforce referential integrity constraints when necessary and ensure the values satisfy the constraints.

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