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Position Paper – Balancing economic, social and environmental sustainability goals

Value: 20%

Due Date: Week 4 (Sunday)

Length: 1200-1500 words

A balanced sustainability approach requires significant progress on social, environmental and economic sustainability indicators. However, by design, it appears that excessive and ambitious economic growth objectives at times undermine the importance of social and environmental sustainability objectives. The contemporary organization tend to strike a balance between these three critical dimensions of sustainability.

You are hypothetically assigned to act as a sustainability advisor of Delta Motors Ltd (a pseudo name for a car company operating in the personal cars segment) and are preparing a presentation for the Board of Directors (BoDs) to advise on strategies that can assist in the parallel achievement of the three objectives together.

You are required to write a position paper that argues in favour of the notion that:

Economic growth can be achieved without compromising environmental and social sustainability goals’

Particularly, the paper will be based on your point of view of arguable position with the help of examples and some statistics. The paper will be written in view to convincing BoDs that social and environmental sustainability initiatives within the organization would not undermine the economic performance.

After reviewing relevant reading material/literature, you are required to develop a report summarising your arguments. The structure of the report should be:

Introduction: Describe what is sustainability and the different dimensions of sustainability with the evolution of different paradigms. (250-300 words)

Background: Provide a brief description of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they are linked with the three dimensions of sustainability. (300-350 words)

Interlink between different dimensions of sustainability in the automobile industry: Elucidate how the automobile industry is contributing to environmental, social and climate change issues. Describe how such problems can be solved by adopting an inclusive approach: considering economic growth and social and environmental sustainability (Lecture slides of weeks 1-3 provide guidelines about this). Mention some arguments suggesting that economic growth should be the focus of business and that environmental and social sustainability may hurt economic goals, and justify why these arguments are baseless and mythical. (500-600 words)

Conclusion: Reflect on your most convincing arguments and conclude by taking sides. (150-250 words)

References: Provide references to any secondary sources used, following APA or Harvard referencing style.

The paper should be well written, consistently following Australian English writing conventions, properly spell checked and proofread. Formatting guidelines are:

Page size, margins and line spacing: A4 page size and Normal margins (2.54cm each for left, right, top and bottom), 1.5 line spacing for body text, headings and sub-sections

Title: 14pts, bold, Times New Roman or Calibri, 6pts space before and after

First Heading: 12pts, bold and underline, Times New Roman or Calibri, 6pts space before and after

Second heading or sub-section: 12pts, bold and italic, Times New Roman or Calibri, 6pts space before and after

Body text: 12pts, Times New Roman or Calibri, 6pts space before and after, 1.5 line spacing, left indentation with Special Style (FIRST LINE)

Follow strictly the report format mentioned above with exact headings (main sections) as advised. However, subsections of your choice can be added for better organization of the report.

Avoid using jargon and contractions. Acronyms should be mentioned in full for the first time.

Follow the indicated number of words for each section (a margin of 10% is permitted).

Cite tables and figures properly, if any, following APA or Harvard referencing style consistently across the report.


When you use any secondary resources, don’t forget to cite the resource properly if the information is not ‘common knowledge. APA or Harvard referencing styles should be used consistently across the report.

Submission of the assessment should be made according to instructions given below and in time to avoid delayed submission marks deductions

All submissions should be made using Learnline assessment 1 submission point.

Allocation of marks is as follows:


Marks Allocation





Interlink between dimensions of sustainability




Report Structure, Presentation, secondary research – Citations and Referencing




For details on the assessment marking procedure, see the assessment rubrics in the assessment area of Learnline.