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Read and write an article review about an event in the news that concerns the "Bill of Rights" as found inthe first 10 amendments to the U.S. constitution. Look in the internet for one article that deals with a Bill of Rights issue, e.g. freedom of speech or expression, religion or press, search and seizure, rights of the accused, etc. The article should either refer to the Bill of Rights or a specific Amendment therin, or is very clear about an issue as it relates to the Bill of Rights. The article should be at least one fulll page and no laterthan one month old. Follow these instructions: 1) explain its relevance to our study and how it helped you understand the content better and was helpful/meaningful for your learning, and 2) offer your thoughts, opinion, and/ or impressions of the article and its specific content. 3) attach the work cited for the article (or the webaddress)

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