Biological assessment

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This is the link to the video for your Psychosocial Report (Writing Assignment #2). The video is titled “Healing Neen” and is 54 minutes long. You are required to watch it in its entirety in order to complete the report.  Although the syllabus instructs you to create a treatment plan, you do NOT have to do this.
You will need to still create headers to include the following info:
Write a report on the client including the following headings:

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Biological assessment (prior state of physical health)
Psychological assessment (prior state of psychological health)
Social assessment (current and prior state of personal relationships)
Identify  risks for danger to self and danger to others that Neen experienced
Identify the goals the Neen had for herself and how she achieved those goals

Document Neen’s strengths and the resources she utilized in her recovery.
Your paper should be between 750-1000 words. APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is. As a reminder, this is a clinical report so you should write it as if another mental health or medical professional will be reviewing it.