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  •  I declare that the answers I have provided are my own work.
  •  I have kept a copy of my assessment, all relevant notes and reference material that I used as part of my submission.
  •  I understand the consequences of falsifying documentation and plagiarism.
  •  I understand how the assessment is structured.
  •  I understand the performance criteria I am being assessed for.
  •  I am aware of my appeal rights.

Student Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________________

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Outcome st Attempt 2 nd Attempt
Section 1 Knowledge Questions S / NS S / NS
Section 2 Skills & Performance
S / NS S / NS
Overall result C / NYC C / NYC
Date assessed
Assessor Name
Assessor Signature
Entered onto Student Management Database ____________________ Date


Notes (if any):
AVETA – Australian Vocational Education &
Training Academy
RTO# 21888 CRICOS# 02826G
BSBLDR812 Assessment
Released by:
RTO Manager
v2 Last Reviewed: Aug 2022

Assessment Instructions

You are advised to commence work on your assessment from week 1 and must submit the completed
assessment in-full by the due date, as published in your timetable.

Purpose and Guidelines

  •  The assessment tasks are designed to measure your understanding and underpinning skills and knowledge of this unit of competency.
  •  You are required to use the space/ templates provided in this document.
  •  When answering the questions, please ensure you address each criterion and sub-point,
    demonstrate your research of each of the questions and cover the topic in a logical and structured
  •  Do not start answering questions without understanding what is required from you.
  •  Read the questions carefully and critically analyse them, this will help you to identify what is
  •  Seek clarification from your trainer/ assessor, if you are unsure.
  •  Your answers must demonstrate an understanding and application of relevant concepts, critical
    thinking, and good writing skills.
  •  Be concise to the point and avoid adding any irrelevant information.
  •  Be careful to use non-discriminatory language. The language used should not devalue, demean, or
    exclude individuals or groups based on attributes such as gender, disability, culture, race, religion,
    sexual preference or age. Gender-inclusive language should be used.
  •  You should submit your work as a soft copy format in Microsoft Word/ DOC format.
    Active participation
  •  It is a condition of enrolment that you actively participate in your studies.  Active participation is attending all classes and completing all tasks on time according to the requirements specified in the assessment task and by your trainer/ assessor.


Plagiarism is taking and using someone else’s thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them
as your own. Plagiarism is a serious act and may result in a student’s exclusion from a course. When
you have any doubts about including the work of other authors in your assessment, please consult your

The following list outlines some of the activities for which a student can be accused of plagiarism:

  •  Presenting any work by another individual as one’s own unintentionally
  •  Handing in assessments markedly similar to or copied from another student
  •  Presenting the work of another individual or group as their own work
  •  Handing in assessments without the adequate acknowledgement of sources used, including
    assessments taken totally or in part from the Internet Copyrights
  •  You must be careful when copying the work of others.
  •  The owner of the material may take legal action against you if the owner’s copyright has been
  •  You are allowed to do a certain amount of copying for research or study purposes.
  •  Generally, 10% or one chapter of a book is acceptable. However, when you quote, paraphrase,
    summaries or copy information from the sources you are using to write your answers/ research
    your work, you must always acknowledge the source.Competency Outcomes
  •  Each activity in this assessment tasks will be marked as either Competent or Not Yet Competent (NYC).
  •  If your work is marked as NYC you will be provided with feedback from your assessor.


AVETA – Australian Vocational Education &
Training Academy
RTO# 21888 CRICOS# 02826G


BSBLDR812 Assessment Released by:
RTO Manager v2 Last Reviewed: Aug 2022

  •  You will be required to make changes to your submission according to the feedback and resubmit
    during the term, ensuring your assessor will have at least 7 business days to re-mark the work.
  •  Do not leave assessment submissions for the last day. This will increase your chances of being
    marked as NYC.
  •  Please note you will not be able to gain competency if you are submitting any incomplete

Resubmissions and reattempts

  •  Each assessment allows you two submission chances.
  •  If you are unable to obtain competency in two chances, a resubmission fee of $200 will incur, which
    would allow you another two submission chances.
    Resources required to complete the assessment
  •  Computer
  •  Internet
  •  Microsoft Word
  •  Adobe Acrobat Reader
  •  Learner Guide

Reasonable adjustment of assessment

If you require support due to any of the reasons listed below, please make a request to your trainer/
assessor in writing:

  •  Physical disability;
  •  Learning difficulties;
  •  Health issues;
  •  Intellectual disability;
  •  Dyslexia or other forms of learning disability;
  •  The complexity of learning materials.

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