Business Analyst.

Write a 5-page essay on the skills required to become a successful Business Analyst in today’s corporate environment.Introduction – Briefly describe the profession of a Business Analyst.Skills – Identify and describe the skills required to be successful in this profession. a. Define and describe each skill you feel is essential to this profession b. Explain the importance of having this skillProject Management – Describe the relationship between the Business Analyst and the Project Manager.Explain the responsibilities of each of these roles on a project team.Explain why it is essential for these two team members to work collaboratively on a project.Conclusion – Do not simply reiterate the discussion points.Explain the significance of your research into the skills required for this profession.What skills are transferable to other areas of life?What other skills would you recommend for a Business Analyst to add to their repertoire?Required elements:Please ensure your paper follows APA style guidelines. There is an example paper in Doc Sharing.Use only credible sources of information (no blogs, Wikis, or anonymous sources) and provide proper in-text citations for your sources.APA basics:Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x1″marginsonallsides,firstlineofallparagraphsindented1⁄2”from the margin12 pt. Times New Roman font

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