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Question 1

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Write a Research Report, in 2000-2500 words that critically evaluates and describes the benefits of a business event and the corporate meeting planning process of an international event like Singapore International Water Week (SIWW). You are required to consider the following issues in your report:

(a) Demonstrate how SIWW 2022 will benefit the economy. You should focus on 3 economic benefits with adequate evidence, justification, and explanation of how each benefit is realized and why they are important.

(b) Propose all the critical success factors in the corporate meeting planning process for Singapore International Water Week 2022. Demonstrate and Implement how SIWW uses FOUR (4) factors in this planning process. You should present your findings as a case study which comprises 3 main sections – (1) Appreciation of the situation, (2)M Argument and evidence, and (3) Concluding statement. Ensure to reference the necessary details with proper citation.

(c) Analyse why SIWW has the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize. Provide adequate evidence justification and explanation as to how this prize might or might not be a benefit to the stakeholders.

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