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The purpose of this module is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and business acumen needed to succeed in your chosen career. The module takes an experiential learning approach and is designed so that you will conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and apply knowledge and skills to develop viable solutions to business problems utilizing SimBrand simulation software.

You will learn through a process of inquiry, often co-operatively with peers, using digital information and technologies.

In short, it will develop your ability to think independently, apply discipline knowledge to complex problems/opportunities, work in teams, communicate, and collaborate to create new knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues within your discipline area.

On completion of the module, you will have enhanced your problem-solving skills and will be able to manage complex problems. By focusing on advanced group and team working skills, research and complex problem-solving skills, project management, communication skills, and self-directed learning, you will also be able to demonstrate management, leadership, and professional skills and capability.