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You are a business consultant. Your customer has engaged you to provide
consultancy service to recommend if the following new business is feasible.

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You are running a successful business and now intend to set up another branch. As a part of raising funds to build the new branch, you are required to prepare a business plan to share with investors and banks why you believe your new branch will be a success.

For this purpose, you have to collect, analyze and compile the relevant information and produce a business report to advise your investors.

The report must be 6000 – 8000 words-length and follow the guidelines stipulated above. Your report must contain the answers for the following tasks.


1 . Conduct a background study for a selected industry of your choice and identify a business problem. Based on the Identified business problem, formulate research objectives

2. Critically review relevant literature and identify core concepts, variables and construct a conceptual framework for the study.

3. Describe in detail the research methodology that you will use for the current study.

4. Carry out the data collection and analyze the data using appropriate data analysis tools. Present your findings using appropriate tables and graphs and make a valid conclusio

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