Care in the Community

Write a 6 page essay on An Aspect of Nursing Practice: Care in the Community.
Fields like adult/neonatal care, mental health, children, learning disability, etc. are increasingly becoming areas of specialization for the nursing profession. A nurse is a person whose profession involves close contact with patients in their gravest hour of need and leaves a lasting impression for life. It calls for qualities of courage, compassion and unflinching commitment while restoring a person to normal health. At moments they are exposed to sights which are both disturbing and sometimes emotionally upsetting for a normal layperson. Hence it calls for special strengths which are necessary for performing the duties in challenging situations.
In a community setting the overall health scenario needs to be dealt with both a proactive and emergent approach. In the former, general preventive measures such as vaccination, dealing with nutritional deficiencies as well as diet restrictions, disease control with preventive medication and making the general public aware of proper health and hygiene related matters incorporate the responsibilities of a nurse. In an emergent situation the nurse has to deal with minor infections and emergency accidental situations which keep occurring at a constant pace in any community setting. A career in nursing can begin with a support role from the lowest level to that of registered nurses which essentially requires a diploma or a degree in the profession. A person may choose to enter the profession by directly earning such qualifications from a school or university offering such courses. Once qualified a nurse has a lot of opportunities towards a satisfying and fulfilling career with growth and development as a person. The National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom offers incentives which are directed towards job satisfaction and support ( A career in nursing is very demanding, both physically and psychologically and hence calls for qualities of good

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