Career and Succession

Career and Succession Planning Research Paper—Due Week 4
Introduction: The topic for this research paper generally describes a staffing-related
functional area that is part of the entire staffing process. It is your job to zero in and
create a sub-topic that is of interest or of value to you. There is a substantial list of
potential sub-topics listed below this page.
Focus: This is a research paper assignment that will be of interest to most students.
You are working towards a Master’s degree because you want to drive your career
further and in the direction that you want it to go over time. As a potentially future HR
professional it will be part of your role to manage the talent development process. Here
is your chance to learn more specifically how a talent development program and
succession planning contribute to the strategic success of the organization.
Summary: The topic for this paper is a general topic and you can take the direction
around career and succession planning that is of the most interest and value to you as
an HR professional. Produce a sub-topic that is important to you. Take the professional
perspective. The paper should be, in total, five to eight pages in length.

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