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The goal of this case study is for you to use the template provided to present a response to a clinical scenario in which you demonstrate evidenced-based principles for the assessment and care of a patient who suffers from complex health problems.  

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Format/Product Case study
Type Individual
Word Count 2500 words ± 10%. The word count does not include the reference list.
Due Date 1 pm on the 19th of September 2022 (Monday)

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Assessed

  1. CLO #1: Interpret and apply advanced assessment and investigations of complex patients to inform decision making and planning of care in complex conditions including the National Health Priority Areas.
  2. CLO #2: Interpret and use evidence to inform the RN responsibilities in the priority management of patients with complex health issues to promote and restore health.
  3. CLO #3: Synthesise and apply the pathophysiology concepts and mechanisms to complex health issues.
  4. CLO #4: Utilise quality evidence and practice standards, including the National Safety and Qualty Health Standards and/or the NMBA standards to analyse the care of a patient with complex health care issues and make recommendations for safe practice.
  5. CLO #5: Apply principles of equity, self-determination, rights and access to the planning of effective and responsive care for patients with complex health issues.

Assessment Criteria and Rubric

Rubrics help you understand what knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate in your assessments. They also show how your submission will be marked and what is expected at the different grade levels.

  1. Application of an advanced assessment to a complex patient and consider investigations for the case.
  2. Application of pathophysiology to the case to identify the complex care needs.
  3. Use of evidence to inform the complex management and RN responsibilities for the care of a complex patient.
  4. Application of principles of equity, self-determination, rights and access to support patients with disadvantage.
  5. Analysis of the safety and quality of care provided to a complex patient, and RN actions required to adhere to NMBA practice standards and NSQHS standards.
  6. Communication in academic and clinical contexts with the appropriate use of sources to support the writing.

Task Instructions

    • Use a WORD document.
    • Use the template provided.
    • Provide in-text citation and reference list.
    • Three (3) submission attempts are permitted so that you may use the plagiarism check or re-upload your paper if you wish to change your submission. Then, you will have the 4th attempt to submit your final version of the assignment before the due date (or before the approved new due date if applicable).
    • The last submission shown immediately after the due date will be marked.
    • Please go through the following FAQs for more information about Task 2.

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