When responding to your classmates, offer additional examples of appropriate uses for incidence and prevalence and explain how the two measures are related.  Please respond to 2 classmates discussion Both classmates discussion is below Please speak in first person to each person. For This or […]

behavior and evolution

Discuss the main differences between the two primate suborders: Strepsirrhini and Haplorrhini. In your response, describe two ways they differ physically from one another and two ways they differ socially from one another. 2, Describe three ways in which food availability and distribution affects primate […]

Outcome Measurements and Tools

 Read the following attachments: The Relationship Between Evidence-Based Practices and Emergency Department Managers Perceptions on Quality of Care for Self-Harm Patients   Practicing Healthcare Professionals Evidence-Based Practice Competencies: An Overview of Systematic Reviews Watch the following video:  Allied Health: Evidence-Based Practice ( Measurements are part […]


  A 28-year-old female presents with a severe headache for the past 9 hours. She states the pain is over the left temporal area and is throbbing in nature. These symptoms have occurred before but not as bad. What are some clinical assessment tools or […]


  A 58-year-old obese man complains of pain in his left knee. The pain seems to be unrelenting. He says his knee is better when he rests, but it gets stiff when he rests too long. He denies other symptoms, significant history, or allergies. From […]

Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

 Read the following attachments: *An Evaluation of Medicares Hospital Compare as a Decision-Making Tool for Patients and Hospitals. *U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for Crossing the Quality Chasm Download U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for […]

8310 Week5 Dis2

Qualitative Study Websites and social media sites can provide important sources of data that will help expand your understanding of the stakeholders who are connected to the phenomena you are exploring. Choose one of the three social change literature review articles found in this weeks […]

Mindsets and Belief (Packback Question)

              The link above explains what and how it’s used  PLEASE WATCH These are things that DO NOT belong in Packback:   Questions that are phrased as a statement, not a question   Questions that are closed-ended (only one “right” answer)   […]