Using Internet resources, 1. Find at least one Bayer product in each of the breakthrough, platform, and derivative categories (minimum a total of 3 products). You must place the products on the graph (attached PowerPoint) to receive credit for this assignment, and explain your […]

Unit 7 Assignment 2 – Research Paper

  Instructions Select a company that you are interested in that has global supply chains, operations and/or production. Research that company. As part of this assessment create a dossier on their business practices as it relates to these areas. Make sure you address the following points: […]

employee Safety

5 slides not including the cover slide and the reference slide.  Every slide needs to include 100 words in the Notes section.  Slides must have pictures and graphics as opposed to being all word slides. discuss the areas of employee safety that are most important […]

M5 assignment

M5 Written Assignment This assignment should be between 2 and 4 pages, and should be the product of careful thought and more than one draft. Please remember that when providing an answer to the specific questions posed, it is not enough to give the correct […]

scholarly Activity: Production Management

Yummy Bunny Healthy Fare Bunny Frank has done so well with Yummy Bunny Pastries that she opened a new business next door called Yummy Bunny Healthy Fare. Her customers like the idea of healthy foods. Formal and informal surveys show that customers find the food […]


Choose one sociological issue relevant to systems/structures of oppression to conduct further research on (see list of possible topics below). You are to connect class content (ie. eText and additional materials provided in class) with additional research items you discover in your own exploration of […]

Global strategy

Can you think of any industries where a blue ocean approach might be available? What competitive factors might you increase/create and reduce/eliminate to upset the cost/value frame of the industry? I want it according to the video link I will provide. 300 words  For This […]

Voice Of Customer

What do you see as the relationships between Giving Voice to Values and Sustainability? Incorporate specific examples from the Gentile readings.  Please write 2-3 Paragraphs on this question. Please find attached Examples how to answer also add Comments as a individual for each example Example […]