I need you to watch the following video and complete the attached document template following the instructions carefully. I will also attached and example from other student evaluating another video so you have a better idea of what to do.  For This or a Similar […]

Changes in households

A minimum of three outside resources, write a 3-page paper detailing and analyzing the changes in households and how today’s marketing agents can use this information to develop their marketing strategies. Requirements Provide a bar graph showing three years of data on the most significant […]

Analyzing the customer decision-making process.

Minimum of three outside resources, write a 3-page detailing and analyzing the customer decision-making process and how today’s marketing agents can use this information to develop their marketing strategies.  Requirements 3-pages. References: Integrate three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles Provide examples to support your writing Your […]

Marketing Innovation Project

You will type a three page paper on a topic dealing with Marketing Innovation and Technology Products and Services. You may use the textbook in addition to researching  the internet for additional sources. Please submit your APA-formatted paper in a Word document. Your paper must […]

Product Life Cycle Analysis

Today Product Life Cycle Analysis as a Marketing tool is paramount and as marketing professionals the need to understand how to use and measure this challenge has become an increasing valuable tool. Instructions: Discuss the advantages of using Product Life Cycles in the sales process. […]


Write an introduction about a healthy fresh environmentally friendly restaurant, kind of like Chipotle.  1.  We use the Best fresh Ingredient 2.  The food is healthy and fresh. You pick your own fresh Ingredient 3. All the packs and boxes are environmentally friendly. 4. History […]

DQ question – 150 words

  Review the “Consumer Purchasing Decisions” topic Resources. Describe the consumer decision-making process and the factors that would most influence consumers when making their first purchase of each of the items below. Justify your selections using the topic Resources. Chewing gum A smartphone A new […]