Crime Control Strategies

  Discussion Question 1: Read the above article and then on your own rank the responses 1 through 10 (with 1 being what you think would be the top response).  Then explain why you chose your #1 and #10.  Initial response should be at least […]

History and Processes of Economic Development

MUST BE 600 WORDS ATLEAST 5 CITATIONS  from the required reading and presentation must be included in answering the assigned questions WITH Biblical integration must be      included in a thoughtful manner as articulated in the required reading and presentations.    In reviewing this module’s question, […]

Write a synopsis of what occurred in the videos

 1. Watch the attached videos.   2. Write a synopsis of what occurred in the videos.  This is a writing assignment to practice your grammar, sentence structure, and “painting the picture.”  You can write it from any perspective you wish.  Please limit the synopsis to one […]

RESEARCH employee motivation

Submit your research paper assignment based on a specific public administration issue(EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION) Your research paper must be 8-10 pages (this does not include tables and figures), include 10 citations, 2 tables and or figures to convey key points, and the other items as outlined […]

Race and gender A2M1

Blog Directions: Do statistics, such as the one you looked at in the NCVS  and WISQARS, contribute meaningfully to conversations about race and crime? Take a screenshot of the data set you found most compelling and include it in this blog post(use the + button […]

Theories of Crime and Justice.

The documentary link:   Short Response 1: In 1971, Philip Zimbardos The Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrated the power of the situation and the interaction between social interaction and social structure. After viewing the documentary, if you had been a guard, do you think you would […]

8-1 Project Three

Competency In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Describe the relationship between societal needs and professional practice Scenario Youve just transferred to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). Your supervisor would like you to assess the ongoing policing issues surrounding […]

criminal justice 0623

 this course focused upon the juvenile justice system and punishment options that are available for juvenile delinquents. Throughout these lessons information was presented that not only highlighted how adult and juvenile criminal justice systems differ, but also some of the landmark cases that led to […]

DB Week 1

Instructions are below, the required reading is attached.  After reviewing the Learn items for this Module, create a thread that explains why competent communication is important in the field of criminal justice. Within your response, provide a personal example of a scenario in which competent […]

Obscenity Statutes

 Obscenity Statutes Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Heins (2009) and Kinsley (2013) articles, and read Chapter 7 in the text. Technological advancements associated with the Internet and global economics were paralleled by new avenues for marketing pornography along with a variety […]