When responding to your classmates, offer additional examples of appropriate uses for incidence and prevalence and explain how the two measures are related.  Please respond to 2 classmates discussion Both classmates discussion is below Please speak in first person to each person. For This or […]

Respond to Regression Discussion (Michael)

Regression analysis can estimate the magnitude of the impact of a change in one variable or another (Holmes et al., 2017). If regression analysis were to be completed on BMI, an independent variable associated with that would be height and weight. The size and weight […]

Math Stats

      Treat your data just as you would one of the datasets from the homework. Be sure you include appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion etc.  Construct a frequency distribution using 5 8 classes.  Create 2 different but appropriate visual representations of your data […]

Business Analytics -Data Analysis

 Scenario: A citys administration isnt driven by the goal of maximizing revenues or profits but instead looks at improving the quality of life of its residents. Many American cities are confronted with high traffic and congestion. Finding parking spaces, whether in the street or a […]

urgent very urgent answer in 30 min STATISTICS

A researcher wanted to know if there was a difference between male doctoral studentswho did there undergraduate work ata specificuniversity and wether or not these students were accepted into the same univs doctoral program. The research Q is – is there a difference between male […]

Response to tashaa discussion

With pain being the 6th vital sign, working in intake it is important to ask about our patients current pain. For 12 intake inmates reporting pain on a numerical scale of 1- 10, the mean pain rating is greater than 5/10. The variable is the […]

Introduction to ANOVA

The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) method is the most popular and highly used statistical technique by researchers. Like T tests, ANOVAs are used to compare the means of groups for a given independent variable to determine whether they are statistically different from each other. However, […]


Discussion Prompt: How do you use statistics in your work as a nurse or healthcare provider? Find and discuss at least two examples of how statistics are used in your field. Do you feel like statistics are a vital part of the nursing field? Why or […]

Hypothesis: Elaborate & Include Post

From the hypothesis, there are some information that can be obtained and used to develop a conclusion. For instance, the hypothesis is about shaving or not shaving preoperative. From this hypothesis, a person will get to know the essence of shaving before surgery. Most people […]