Meaningful Use Justification.

  Your Instructor will assign you to a group of three or four students during week 2 of the course. The groups will organize themselves and work together to identify the relevant agencies (at least two or three) that will impact meaningful use of electronic […]

Assignment # 8 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions 1. (1 pt.) What is your experience with coercive power– either as someone exerting this power or receiving this power? I’m particularly interested in hearing about what our author calls “implicit ad baculums” that can occur through subtle non-verbal cues (p.143). Why are these […]

Assignment # 7 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions 1. (1 pt.) Explain in your own words why we need to refer to authorities to provide justifications for our beliefs. What are two problems that we may encounter when trying to justify our beliefs by referring to others.  2. (2 pts.) The following argument, drawn […]

business ethics assignment 5

On page 6-9, about two different cases in which the bakers (Jack Philips of Masterpiece Bakery and Marjorie Silva of Azucar Bakery), Corvino argues that one made use-based refusal while the other made design-based refusal. With your own words, explain the differences Corvino makes between […]

Class discussions

 400 words  In the Ancient Greek world (the world of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, often regarded as the birthplace of philosophy) a symposium was a banquet held after a meal, an after party of sorts that usually included drinking, dancing, recitals, and engaging conversations on […]