Personal Principles and Values

Description Individual Essay Paper Please create a brief three page double spaced paper describing some of your strengths, career and personal career related goals (three to five year plan). In your paper, please make sure that you cover the following: Your Name and Identification on […]

Fact Debate Speaker Responsibilities

Description My topic:  The Illuminati “Global Elite” is real and is in control of the world. and my position is the affirmative side. Download Attachments:2017 Fact Debate Speaker Responsibilities.docFactual Debate Brief (1).pdf   Communication Studies 3: Argumentation & Debate Fact Debate Speaker Responsibilities First Affirmative […]

Cultural events

Description HUM205 Writing Project Throughout this course, you will be learning about ideas, culture, and the arts as they relate to humanities. Understanding humanities through the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values, and behaviors is an essential part of this course. By attending cultural events or […]

Painting and The Concepts of Art

Description Unit 3: Unit 3: Painting and The Concepts of Art – DiscussionA more thorough understanding of culture and the humanities help inform other areas of your life. Thinking critically about the humanities subjects in this course will give you an opportunity to build an […]

Social control

Description Please follow this picture to write a short essay, then the response to two articles. ( I provide those articles in the world file). So you should write 3 separate short essays in total. Use MLA or ALA, and do not copy others. I […]

Food of Another Culture

Description For this Assignment, you will have an opportunity to see how creative expressions can broaden your perspective. You will write a 500-word descriptive essay reporting on your experience with a work of art or creative expression and how it taught you something new. Select […]

Children Growing up with Two Culture

Description COMM 171 Documented Essay Assignment – Part 1 and 2 1This 2-stage documented essay assignment is designed for you to apply the essay writing skills you have developed in order to meet the following course learning outcomes: – Write coherent and grammatically correct essays […]

Social Security Disability

Description The Unit 9 Assignment is an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and strategies you explored during this term. In your Assignment, you will use the information you have gathered from the Case Study provided to write an informative essay describing the helping […]

Consolidation of information learned and skills

Description This is a capstone forum requiring consolidation of information learned and skills acquired during the course term. Here you will share with classmates a research study proposal you have developed that could be used to investigate a social-psychological issue. Social Psychology focuses on the […]

Lifespan Development

Description complete the following assignment, go to this week’s Assignment link in the left navigation.Lifespan Development Topic OneBelow is a list of options from which you are to select a topic for the Week Two assignment. These same topics will be featured in subsequent weeks. […]