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Moonstay Corporation Case

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· Case study #15 in your Case Studies text.
“The Use of Restructured Reserves to Manipulate Reported Income at Moonstay Corporation. It is at Moonstay Corporation case pdf attached.


1.Answer only question 1, including all subparts at the end of the case (do an introduction)

.2. Make sure to use the course readings, including the Numbers Game Speech, in your answers. The case does focus on earnings management manipulation. Also use2019 US Froud Examiners Manual and AOP_CON6 pdf attached

3.You may do outside research to assist in answering the questions but focus on the pdf attached for this assignment.

Moonstay Corporation Case

– 1st do an introduction

– Question 1 :. What are some characteristics of a Ponzi scheme? Why is it called a Ponzi scheme?

Guide “Attention”


-factual overview of the case

-identify issues or problems

(Do not write more than 7 sentences) do a short paragraph please.

Answers must have:

1- definition of terms

2- analysis of applicable accounting and audit rules, regulations, articles that may apply.

3- analysis of the question using the rules and facts.

4-Concepts learn in class (in power points attached)

5-Thoughts, ideas and analysis to accompany your research and readings in the answers

6- The course reading must be sited (Author name, page #) in every idea. (This is the most important aspect of the project, and it should have at least 4 citation per answer using different pdfs) You have to demonstrate that you read the all the material attached. Ex: (2019 US Froud Examiners Manual, page 2.697)

7- See ideas from different perspective (not only concepts from the book). See ideas from regulations, GAO reports, governme