Class: Personal Finance 250-word forum based on the following question: Head to

Class: Personal Finance250-word forum based on the following question:Head to the internet and look for either a YouTube video or a web page that provides insight into setting personal or family financial goals.  Try not to duplicate one posted by your fellow student.  Provide a title for this link and a hyperlink this to the resource title you choose.  To create a hyperlink, start by copying the URL, then create a title in your posting.  Next, highlight the title, then open the small chain-link icon in the Discussion banner, and finally, paste the URL into the box in the drop down menu). Provide a title and create a hyperlink at the top or bottom of your postingProvide a description of the resource in your own wordsWhat did you found interesting or informative and what critiques of the resource do you offer?Engage with your classmates in two responses to compare resources shared.
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