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The Concorde’s last flight was 2003. Since that time, there has been no commercial supersonic transport available. Until Dec. 2002, Boeing had been working on developing the Sonic Cruiser, an innovative lightweight plane that can fly near the speed of sound. This is about 15% faster than a conventional jet, so flying the Sonic Cruiser would allow airlines to cut long-haul flight times. Then Boeing shifted its focus to the 787 Dreamliner which provides 15% to 20% better fuel efficiency at today's top commercial jet speeds. Today there has been investment in new small supersonic aircraft with a goal of being operational around 2023 (Boom, Spike, Aerion).

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Fast is good, they say, but cheap is better. Why isn’t increased speed more attractive to larger airlines, especially over long-haul flights? Can’t airlines charge more for faster flights? And in many cases, air travelers spend as much time in the airport as they do in the air. Do you think travelers might want to pay more to fly supersonically and reduce their overall travel time? What are your ideas on this topic? Support your reasoning with good logic and evidence.


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