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Report: Part-II
AboveGroup is a diversified, multi-profile company. Essentially, it is a conglomerate company consisting of three diverse strategic units acting as independent businesses under separate brands in different industry sectors: Unit Foodlnnovate, Unit Kitchtech and Unit Resorttech. AboveGroup is governed from the central head office, which oversights the three subsidiary business units and their financial performance indicators, though without any operational interventions. Each strategic business unit has its own managing director with full discretion and responsibility over its competitive strategy, investment priorities, budget allocation and ensuing yearly profits.
Unit Foodlnnovate is in the food manufacturing business. The unit produces and distributes a variety of goods including, but not limited to vegetables, groceries, meat and dairy products. Each of these product lines requires unique production processes, storage arrangements, transportation
approaches and underlying equipment and is organizationally implemented by a separate specialized product department. However, these products are delivered largely to the same circle of customers, including both major retailers and local food shops. All product lines are also served by a number of common unit-wide functions, e.g. HR, finance, accounting, logistics, legal, marketing and sales support.
Unit Kitchtech competes in the restaurant business with 94 IT staff. Specifically, the unit controls a chain of small fast-food restaurants occupying the low-cost market niche. In total, the chain includes more than 159 restaurants located in different geographies and more restaurants are planned to be opened in the foreseeable future. All restaurants offer same interiors, menus, prices, meals and services to their customers and imply standardized policies, working procedures and supporting equipment. However, each restaurant is run separately by a chief manager responsible for its overall financial well-being and all necessary business processes, e.g. recruiting, training, procurement, cooking, servicing, cleaning and complaints management. Except for Unit Kitchtech’s lean central office, where chain-wide branding, marketing and other strategic decisions are made, the restaurants operate independently from each other and even have their own profit and loss statements.
Finally, Unit Resorttech runs a chain of resort hotels. These hotels gravitate towards the high-end price segment and offer premium-quality services to their customers. Unit Resorttech’s competitive strategy implies improving its brand recognition and achieving consistent customer experience. For this purpose, the unit’s leadership plans to standardize all customer-facing and, to a lesser extent, back-office processes across all hotels of the chain as well as all its suppliers and service providers. Moreover, Unit Resorttech also intends to become “closer” to its customers and build lifelong customer relationships. This strategy requires collecting more information about customers, their individual preferences and transaction histories, aggregating this information globally and leveraging it for providing customized services, launching loyalty programs, developing special offers and promoting personalized discounts.
As an EA manager at AboveGroup, you are required to write a report that discusses the following:
1. Identify different types of operating model used in each unit of Abovegroup. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the each operating model used in each unit in Abovegroup organization. 2. Discuss three type of consulting engagement that Abovegroup would consider and; recommend consulting engagement that would be approved by Abovegroup’s CIO 3. Discuss 5 reasons why implementation of Architecture Debt is very important in AboveGroup
4. Discuss S important skills that Architects working in Abovegroup must have. 5. Discuss 5 differences between Bigdata tools and EA tools
Note: The answers must be based on the information provided in lecture notes and recommended text books.
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