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Question 1

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Refer to Table 1.1 and answer the following questions:

(a) Analyze over the last ten years, the Singapore construction demand by examining its breakdown and comparing across public and private sector, residential and nonresidential projects. Elaborate the insights you gathered from your analysis. Leave the discussion of Covid19 impact on Singapore construction to Question 1(b).

(b) Discuss the changes in Singapore’s construction demand arising from Covid19’s impact for the period of 2020 to 2022. Evaluate with suitable referencing and justification, the likely construction demand from 2023 onwards.

Question 2

(a) Using distribution theory and cost structure learnt in Study Unit 2, explain the possible factors which caused GreathEarth Construction’s liquidation in 2021.

(b) According to game theory, construction bidding is non-cooperative. Elaborate on the ‘winner’s curse’ in a construction bidding situation.

Question 3

(a) Select one A1 contractor without property development and another A1 contractor with property development capabilities/ license as case studies. Evaluate whether such vertical integration increases a contractor’s profitability.

(b) Evaluate which one of the two strategies are better for a construction company – vertical integration to become a developer or integrate horizontally and acquire construction material and equipment suppliers or specialist contractor e.g., M&E contractor.

Question 4

Refer to the articles in the links below:

(a) Summarize in not more than 500 words, THREE (3) drivers for construction innovations.

(b) Discuss whether those drivers identified by you in Question 4(a) are true for Singapore’s construction industry with well supported references.

(c) Identify the research and innovation scheme by Building Construction Authority which addresses these drivers. Refer to this link for the list of schemes available –