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Question 1

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(a) Environmental performance of buildings is becoming an increasing concern for all building projects, whether they are new projects or works on existing buildings. List SEVEN (7) factors that could affect the environmental performance of buildings.

(b) Briefly describe what is building systems integration.

(c) The approval for building plans must be received from the Building Construction Authority (BCA) before any building work can commence. Describe the workflow of building plan submissions for a qualified person with an aid of a diagram.

Question 2

(a) Describe with an aid of a sketch, the bottom-up method for basement construction in a highly urbanized area and state THREE (3) merits and ONE (1) demerit using this method.

(b) Describe with an aid of a sketch, a ground improvement technique to compact granular soils over 70 m deep.

(c) Recommend FOUR (4) waterproofing membrane materials that can be used for basement construction.

Question 3

(a) Describe with an aid of a sketch, how precast wall panels can be made

(b) Recommend FIVE (5) reasons for using a space frame roof instead of a concrete flat slab roof to your client.

Question 4

(a) Discuss SEVEN (7) functional requirements of the staircase.

(b) Describe engineered wood flooring and SIX (6) maintenance issues of using this type of flooring.

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