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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
BK 213 Consumer Behaviour
School School of Business
Course Name
Unit Code BK213
Unit Title Consumer Behavior
Trimester Trimester 2, 2022
Dr.Gayathri Chethi
Assessment Type Group Report/Assignment
Assessment Title Group Assessment
Unit Learning
Examine the nature of services, and distinguish between products and
Identify the major elements needed to improve the marketing of services
Develop an understanding of the roles of relationship marketing and
customer service in adding value to the customer’s perception of a service
Appraise the nature and development of a services marketing strategy
Recognize how services marketing principles can be used as a conceptual
framework to help managers identify and solve marketing problems
Weight 20
Total Marks 100
Word limit 2500 words
Release Date Week 3
Due Date Week 11
All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed
Assignment Cover Page.
The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font
and 2 cm margins on all four sides of the page with appropriate section headings.
Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately
at the end in a reference list using APA 6
th edition for the School of Business. For
guidance, See
Extension If an extension of time to submit work is required, an Application for Special
Consideration and supporting documentation must be submitted directly to the
School’s Administration Officer via your MIT AMS login:
You must submit this application no later than three working days after the due date
of the specific piece of assessment or the examination for which you are seeking Special
Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case,
penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the course
or rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policy

BK 213 – Consumer Behaviour

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and procedure available at:
Policy-Procedure. For further information, please refer to the Academic Integrity
Section in your Unit Description.

Assessment Cover Sheet

Student ID Number/s: Student Surname/s: Given name/s:
Course: School:
Unit code: Unit title:
Due date: Date submitted: Campus:
Lecturer: Tutor:


Student Declaration
I/We declare that:
1. the work contained in this assignment is my/our own work/group work, except where acknowledgement
of sources is made;
2. certify that this assessment has not been submitted previously for academic credit in this or any other
3. I/we have read the MIT’s Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy Procedure, and I/we understand
the consequences of engaging in plagiarism, collusion and Contract Cheating;
4. a copy of the original assignment is retained by me/us and that I/we may be required to submit the
original assignment to the Lecturer and/or Unit Co-ordinator upon request;
I/we have not plagiarised the work of others or participated in unauthorised collaboration (collusion) or Contract
Cheating when preparing this assignment.
MIT ID Signature Date

For Assessor Use Only (if not marked on Moodle)


BK 213 – Consumer Behaviour

Assessment Task Instructions
You are required to complete the following assessment task
You have to make a group of four people to make a report on “improving the services marketing strategy”
for a home grown service provider in Australia. You are required to use MIT library to access market reports,
Industry reports and company reports and online sources to collect the business information such as
organisational structure, policies, financial structure and customer data in order to write a services
marketing strategy.
This is a group assessment task. Each group member must contribute equally to the group report and
presentation. Each group will appoint a group leader who is responsible for the setting meeting agendas,
group meetings, allocating tasks and submitting the assessment electronically through Turnitin by the due
To support your work, you can also incorporate your ideas with the help of several promotional strategies
used by the business. Students are also required to include a summary of their findings with the relevance
of MIT library research tools and online sources which helped them to write a services marketing strategy.
Marking criteria:
The marking criteria are shown in the following table. Marks are allocated as follows:
A Sample marking criteria table is below.
Develop Marking criteria for the Assessment.

Criteria to be
included in the
Detailed Description of the Criteria Marks
Criteria 1 Executive Summary
Clearly summarises the overview of the marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy Summary
The Business
The Future
The Market
The Finances
Criteria 2 The Business
(1) Business overview
(2) S.W.O.T. analysis
(3) Services products
(4) Sales/marketing personnel
Criteria 3 The Future
Vision statement Mission statement
Unique selling position
Criteria 4 The Market 10

BK 213 – Consumer Behaviour

(2) Your customers/clients
(3) Your competitors
(4) Market research
(5) Market targets
(6) Environmental/Industry analysis
(7) Marketing strategy
(8) IMC plan and budget


Criteria 6 Supporting documents 10
Total 50

Using Technology for Assessment

Rationale Activities Technological tools selected
reflection on learning
feedback on
practice of critical
Team work
check for plagiarism
problem-based learning
collaborative writing
online forum on

Marking Rubric for Group Assignment:

High Distinction (HD)
Distinction (D) [Very Good]
(C) [Good]
Pass (P) [Satisfactory]
Fail (N) [Unsatisfactory]
Criteria 1 Executive Summary
Clearly summarises
the overview of the
Marketing Strategy.
Topics are relevant and
soundly analysed
Generally relevant and
Some relevance and
briefly presented
This is not relevant to the
assignment topic
Criteria 2 The Business over
view inducing detailed
SWOT analysis ought
to be done.
Demonstrated excellent
ability to think critically and
used reference material
Demonstrated ability to
think critically and sourced
reference material
Demonstrated ability to
think critically and did
not source reference
material appropriately
Did not demonstrate ability
to think critically and did not
source reference material
Criteria 3 Has to provide an in
depth analysis of the
current market. Need
to include all
component elaborated
on the marking guide.
Has provided and covered
somewhat of the current
Demonstrated some
understanding of each of
the components.
Very briefly presented
the understanding of the
current market.
Does not show any
understanding of the
current market.
Criteria 4 The goals and the
objectives of the
organization with the
vision and the mission
of the organization has
to be looked into in
Components present with
good cohesive
Components present and
mostly well integrated
Most components
Proposal lacks structure.

BK 213 – Consumer Behaviour

Criteria 5 Pricing strategies have
to be discussed in
details and budget
allocations could be
looked into in-depth.
Consistency logical and
Mostly consistent logical
and convincing
Adequate cohesion and
Argument is confused and
Criteria 6 Documents and articles
that were used have to
be provided. At least 8-
10 Academic references
need to be provided.
Clear referencing style Generally good
referencing style
Sometimes clear
referencing style
Lacks consistency with many

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