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Students are required to choose a product of their choice. The product should be from medium to high involvementPRODUCT IS HOUSE (3/4/5 ROOM FLAT) from HDB (Housing Development Board) For the chosen product, students will need to apply ONE internal and ONE external CB factor that affects consumer’s decision making process and marketing strategies.

For each of the factor chosen, student must:

  • Use a relevant model to elaborate and explain the chosen factor

(Eg: Motivation – Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg 2 Factor model. Attitude – Tricomponent Attitude Model)

  • Discuss it relevance and contribution to the field of marketing especially for the development of marketing strategy and the consumer decision making process.
  • Cite and review at least 10 academic journals related to each of the factor

Short Reflection Paper – 200 words – this is another separate piece of document which is not included in the word count. This is to be inserted at back of the assignment after the list of references. This purpose of this

reflection paper is for students to have deeper reflection their own learning journey. The reflection is not part of the grading process.

  • One major lesson that they have learnt from this module and its relevance to marketing

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the main theories in consumer behavior and how these can be applied in marketing endeavors.
  2. Understand and evaluate the psychological and external factors underpinning the consumer decision-making process.

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