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Note: this discussion forum is a part of your first assessment task for this course. Please see the Course Description and Assessment Information on Moodie for full task description & marking criteria before responding.
Funneling down your initial research idea into a specific research question
Prior to our first seminar you contributed to a discussion forum to brainstorm your initial research ideas. After your seminar, you now have a greater understanding of the purpose of social work research, the process of research, and the ways to assess the existing knowledge and research on a topic.
At this stage, what is your current research idea? How do you think your research idea would contribute to social work knowledge and/or practice? How does your own worldview, lived experience and values influence your idea? What are the next steps that you will take to narrow down your research idea into a specific research question?
Contributing to our learning community
Once you have written your own response to the forum, contribute to the wider discussion. We can all learn by assisting one another to develop our ideas. Respond to your peers to affirm their ideas and to constructively make suggestions of how they may refine their topic

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