COURSE NAME:  Strategic Accounting t and Leadership – Global Homework Experts

jo meri last ppt ki assignment thi uske relate me hai ye that was part 1 this is 2 individual reflection. Just go through the assigbment 2 part 1 see what all was there (Have sent you the ppt and article) and basis on that


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COURSE NAME:  Strategic Accounting t and Leadership


ASSESSMENT 2B: Individual Reflection

Individual Work: This Reflection must be your own individual work

Due Date: The Reflection is due by Week 12 by 11:59 PM  Saturday 15 October 2022

Word length: up to 600 words (Appendices are not part of word count)

Weighting: The Reflection is worth 10% of total marks available in this course.

Task: Reflect upon your individual contribution to the group presentation in conveying a strategic decision-making issue.

You are required to reflect upon the major lessons you have learnt in conveying a strategic decision-making issue. In this reflection, ensure that you also cover oral expression skill areas where you improved, as well as those areas where you would like to improve and how you plan to improve. Your written expression will be marked according to the rubric

 Reflective Writing

 Submission of Reflection

Use Ariel Font size 11 and 1.5 spacing.

Page margins to be at least 2.5 centimetres for top, bottom and sides.

Label all graphs and tables (including the ones in the Appendices), if you have any.

Your Reflection must be submitted via the digital submission portal in the Assignment area of the Canvas web site for this course.

This submission portal will automatically use the Turnitin plagiarism checking software to evaluate the originality of your submission.

Do not provide a printed copy of your Reflection to your Lecturer in hard copy or via email. It will not be marked; only digital submissions on Canvas will be marked. The digital submission is an important part of ensuring that we have a formal record of when and what you submitted.