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  1. Submission Procedure
    This coursework must be submitted online using the turnitin link provided.

Written Coursework presentation
Use size 11-12 font, Arial or Times New Roman. Margins of ~ 1.5 cms on right, left, top and bottom. Paragraphs 1.5 line spacing. Leave a line between paragraphs. Number and label tables and figures. Put you student ID number, and module number in a header or footer. Put the word count in bold at the end of the essay. Use this as a guide for all essays unless otherwise specified.

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  1. Marked work will be returned
  2. Return of Coursework
    Online marking
  3. Feedback on Coursework
    On script and during tutorial
  4. Student Hours
    10 hrs
  5. Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this of coursework and associated tutorials you will be able to:
  • Show evidence of being able to locate a range of information effectively
    • Structure an academic essay
    • Communicate key issues in an appropriate way
    • Reference an essay appropriately
    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the topic selected
  • Procedure

Essay Title: Explain how a recent news event relates to your chosen degree course (Disaster Management, Emergency Planning BA/BSc Geography, Natural Hazards and Oil Gas and Emergency Management) Appropriate academic references should be used.
You should have chosen your news item by the time of your first tutorial. Although you should refer to the news story, the focus of the assignment is to explain how that event may be understood in terms of your discipline. Therefore your description of the news event should only be a line or two in length. The rest of your assignment should show how this event is linked to your subject area.
For example, if discussing an earthquake, a physical geographer would focus on the processes within the earth’s crust that happen during an earthquake; a human geographer may focus on the impacts of the earthquake on local people; a disaster manager may concentrate on how the relief operation was managed; an emergency planner would look at what plans were put into place and how well they worked.

This is an opportunity to do an essay and receive feedback on your efforts in order that you can do as well as possible in the assessed essays you must do in the coming year.

Guidance on Essay Content

This essay is much shorter than others you will be expected to do. The essay should be 500 – 750 ( 10%) words in length. ALL material must be referenced and you should aim to use a variety of sources. Essays that rely on “www” references will be penalised. It must include references in the text and full details in the reference list from AT LEAST


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