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1. CREATE A ROSTER FOR BOTH FOH & BOH STAFF Write and construct a roster for the above two (2) weeks, using Microsoft In writing the roster you must abide at all time by all the rules in the ‘Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010’ and consider the following: ■ Use of the 24 hour clock for all ‘start’ and ‘finish’ rostered times ■ The roster includes ‘breaks’ for all engaged and rostered staff ■ Includes estimates for finish times for any nominated casual staff ■ Total Labour Cost (TLC) to be within the budgeted 35% forecast ■ You are to create the names of your individual staff members, although your full time staff are already created for you ■ The standard industry ratio of staff to customers usually follows as below:
a) Brunch: one (1) staff member per thirty (30) customers b) Dinner: one (1) staff member per twenty (20) customers
■ Your roster must also have:
a) A minimum of one (1) staff member at Restaurant opening b) A minimum of two (2) staff members at Restaurant closing 2. CALCULATE YOUR LABOUR COSTS ■ Calculate your wage costs for the two (2) weeks showing all calculations in Microsoft Excel format. Please include a summary of all roster ‘workings’ to justify your response. Take into account the following:

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■ Calculate the following on costs for all employees:
Payroll Tax WorkCover
TrainPr tr-,■• ■rtnn 11,,,,,inn 19

5% of Wages 2% of Wages 9.5% of Wages 0 Reece Thorn

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