Current job: Server in the restaurant. Appy job for Server in the restaurant.  

Current job: Server in the restaurant.Appy job for Server in the restaurant.  Assignment Details:Reference your own personal background.· Avoid providing highly personal/emotional responses.· Avoid using examples that may not align with the interviewer’s values (religion, politics, sexuality, etc.).Each answer should be about three to five sentences long. Problem Solving Ability:· Describe the most significant problem you faced in your last job/at school and explain how you solved it.· Describe the last time you had to deal with a customer who had a problem. What was the problem and how did you solve it?· Describe a difficult situation you faced and explain how you dealt with it.· Tell me about a time when you went above the call of duty to satisfy a customer.Positive Attitude/Maturity:· What was your greatest disappointment and how did you handle it?· Describe a difficult decision that you had to make. What made it difficult?· Have you ever been asked to cover up another employee’s mistakes? What did you do and why?· Tell about a suggestion you made that was rejected.· Describe the worst mistake you made on the job. What steps did you take to correct it?Work Ethic:· Describe a dispute you had with a coworker. What led up to it and how did it get settled?· Have you ever had to deal with someone who was being dishonest? Describe the situation and what you did about it.· Describe the rudest customer, client, or coworker you have ever faced. How did you handle that person?· Describe the last time you were asked to do more than your share of a task. What caused the situation and how did you deal with it?Motivation/Organizational Ability:· Describe a time when you had too many things to do within a limited time. How did you deal with the situation?· Describe a goal that you have set for yourself.· How do you keep yourself organized?· Describe a time when you were faced with a tight deadline. How did you handle the situation?· Describe the best manager you ever had.Closer – THIS QUESTION IS MANDATORY:· Why should I hire you?
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