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1. ProjectOutline

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The project covers the topic of Introduction to CRM. It is designed to assess your ability to evaluate and comment on acompany’sexistingCRMstrategy, the andtoanalyseitsfulfilmentofCRMprinciples, CRM system, and loyalty efforts. Learners will submit an individual typewritten report including any supporting appendices on your project work, analysis, and findings

2.  Requirements

  1. Based on your personal experience, identify an organization that you thinkhasimplementedagoodCustomerRelationshipManagement(CRM)strategy. As such, this organization has successfully gained your trust and loyalty and strengthened its relationship with you.
  2. Your report should comprise the following:

i. introduction

  • Objective and scope of this report
  • Brief introduction of the company, its mission statement, culture, values, products/services, etc.

ii.  Reviewofthecompany’sexistingCRMstrategies

identify three(3)CRM strategies that the company has implemented that have strengthened your relationship with them. Possible strategies to consider may involve:

  • Customer service
  • People,i.e.,staff
  • Marketing strategies,e.g., of fensiveorde fensive strategies involving Relationship Marketing activities, loyalty programs, membership programs, events, etc.
  • Communication strategies such as dialogues, etc.
  • Customization strategies
  • Any other relevant strategies

For each of the THREE (3), CRM strategies identified, describe how the company has implemented the strategy. Then, explain with support from at least two(2 )evidence /references (theories /concepts/statistics/ research, etc.) why and how these strategies have been effective in strengthening relationships with customers. You may use customer experience, CRM, marketing, consumer behavior, retail management, or any other research from textbooks and online resources to support your discussion. You may refer to your lecture notes as a reference to further research on the theories/concepts from other sources to support your discussion and analysis of the organisation’sCRMeffort.

For example, if the strategy that the company has implemented to strengthen relationships with customers has resulted from a customization strategy, you may discuss using the following guidelines:

  • What do you mean by customization strategy in Customer Relationship Management?
  • Whyis‘customisation’strategy important to customer relationship building? How will it benefit the company and/or its customers?
  • For example, success rises when companies manage to improve relationships with customers when they provide ‘customization’.
  • Any other relevant areas for discussion.

You need not answer each point individually. Your assignment should highlight your analysis of these points.

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