DATA6000 – METHODOLOGY SUMMARY VIDEO – Global Homework Experts

Your Task
• This assessment is to be done individually.
• You will present a 5-8 minute video summary of the below sections of the final research report:
o Data sources and data processing
o Data Analytics Methodology
o Visualisation of Results
• How to make the video? (see video making FAQs on page 3 below)
• You will get feedback on your presentation in the final project clinic in Week 12.
Assessment Description
• An individual video clip
• Students are to speak clearly on the main parts of their own project
• Learning outcomes: LO2, LO4
Assessment Instructions
Prepare a 5-8 minute video on the following three areas of the project:

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1. Data Analytics Methodology (8 slides)
• Describe to a general audience the data analytics methodology you chose and why
• Use a flow chart to illustrate the framework
• Address the following
o What was the statistical/analytics method called?
o How much data was used in the model?
o How did you input the data?
o What was the output?

2. Visualisation and Evaluation of Results (2 + 1 + 2 = 5 slides)
• Visualise your (A) descriptive analytics and (B) predictive analytics insights
• Evaluate the model & significance of the analytics in addressing the business problem
• Reflect on the efficacy of the techniques/software used and what other data and
techniques could enhance the analysis

3. Brief Summary of your results (2 slides)
• Outline your results
• Provide your insights with reference to the business problem you selected.
• Reflect briefly on the role & limitations of the data and analytics technique that you have
used in addressing this business problem

Video FAQs Answer
In making my video, am I
allowed to use robot
voice over software?

It is prohibited to use any voice over software in making your video, as you must
record yourself and accompanying slides to demonstrate the authenticity of your
own work.

What is the maximum file
size that I can create?

The video file should NOT exceed 500MB.

What types of video files
can I upload to Moodle?


How can I record a video
with accompanying

We recommend installing a free application called ‘Zoom’ onto your laptop, tablet,
or smartphone. You will need to create an account first. Please click here to get
Once installed, you can record videos by reading step by step instruction via the

following link: