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Decisions and Issues in IMC
Overview of the Portfolio
You need to identify and select 1-3 articles from the contemporary business (not
academic) literature about a current IMC ‘hot topic’ of your choice relating to the five
decision areas covered in this unit.
This means you will discuss a total of five IMC topics:
1. One topic in the area of setting objectives
2. One topic in the area of determining the role of the IMC tools
3. One topic in the area of message strategy
4. One topic in the area of media strategy
5. One topic in the area of measuring the effects of IMC
The articles should be drawn from contemporary business literature, including the
Internet, daily newspapers, the financial press or the general business press. Some
examples of potential sources are: Australian Financial Review (,
B&T Magazine (, AdWeek (,
AdNews (, AdvertisingAge (, Nielsen
(, etc.
You are required to analyse the five topics selected using IMC concepts/principles and
outline their implications.
Please follow the format below for each one of the decision areas. This means that the
format below will be repeated five times for your portfolio.

Decisions and Issues in IMC
Portfolio Format
1. Introduction
Provide a brief description of the decision area, drawing from a textbook or other
academic source to demonstrate your knowledge of the content.
2. IMC Topic/Issue
Outline the contemporary ‘hot topic’ you have elected to focus on within the decision
area. Use the article(s) you have collected to provide evidence of the topic in your
3. Analytical Observations
Present your analytical observations regarding the topic you have selected, focusing on:
3.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts
(e.g. Message consistency for Decision 3: Message Strategy Decisions)
3.2 Implications for the brand, industry and/or IMC
(e.g. Challenges, opportunities and/or future trends)
4. Conclusion
Provide a brief concluding statement that presents the key insight(s) you have gained
about the topic from an IMC perspective.
5. Reference List
Please use the APA 6th Edition referencing style for your articles and other references.
Do not include copies of your articles in your assignment as the Turnitin Originality
Report will register this content.

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