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During the modification of Me car paik wilt) all access 0pen. tile Refs Were exposed to signiricantly greater risk. A good visual way of demonstatirog and understanding Ills Is to CiraW a OK matrix like the one s beloW Assuming Oat you are teaching oorneone who has never 9eerl Ihi8 kind of risk (e) stg)w how the matrix can be used to confirm that the risk level Was acceptable when the car par* modification OK assessrrient Was initially catried mar ix before (b) stow now the matrix can be used to conlYM Mat IN risk level changed significantly with the carpark barricades removed during modification. (5) Note: Show calculations and support lie calculations using Infarnation, vAiere out (5) appicable, from the scenario.
Major tinir wok ratIn .1 First-aki Iniury (111191 Minor Injury (Risk rein 1)
(Risk ltIng 1) a M.dIum Low gro

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likely (Risk rating 2)

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(Risk hating 3)
2. Expiain the criteria you Will set for ttie risk assessment to be done to prevent. possible vehicie accidents in the car pari( area of your company? (20 marks) 3. TM risk assessment for the proposed car park tias been completed. Based on the sanario only, comment on whether the risk assessment is ‘suitable and sufficient In the Wowing areas (a) who might be affected (4) (b) the procaut)ons are reasonable, and the remaining risk is low. (6) Note. Please refer to HSG 65 for guidance •. Explain why a special risk assessment is needed In your company office and what you will do for it? (a marks) 5. A. Prepare a FTW to be used for confined space entry (storage tank) In your

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