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Task: 1

Design Documentation

Your design document should include a Concept Paper and a Functional Specification with at least the sections listed below.

Concept Paper




Genre and target age group

Concept Map – showing your ideas for your theme including graphics, interactions, etc.

Functional Specification

Simple navigation shown in a flowchart

Storyboards – Screen layout(s) showing your theme implementation;

Wireframe / Prototype (optional) – you may provide a link to a 1-2 pages wireframe of your design if you wish. This is optional due to the fact that some of your chosen wireframe products are on 30-day trials and may not be still available. However, as 3 suggested alternate products were suggested in this unit, and are simple to use, you may choose to create a prototype. You may prefer to present your designs to your users in this form.

Please ensure that you read Topic 8 for details of each of these sections.

The documentation should all be included within ONE Word document with an appropriate front page added. Name this file clearly, e.g. cseton10_Ass2_A.docx, and submit this via MySCU.

Task: 2

Completed Tutorial, User Evaluation and Enhancement Design

Tutorial: all of the following should be working as required:

Viewing player instructions (i.e. help);

Jump and Run game – appropriate actions to user input, able to be terminated;

All bugs eliminated. User Evaluation:

User evaluation forms filled out by your users; Enhancement Design:

Any necessary storyboards to show enhancements;

Optional pseudocode for your enhancements showing decisions, processes and structure;

Must detail desired functions, inputs, outputs, and any additional media needed.

You will need to submit any new flowcharts, storyboards (if necessary) and documentation; along with your game folder via MySCU. Only include those storyboards/flowcharts/other documentation that show changes from Part A. You should zip up all the required files and name this file clearly, e.g.

Task: 3

Implementation of Enhancements, User Testing and Completed Game

Final Product

Implement the enhancements following your users’ feedback and input about your game.

User Testing:

User testing forms filled out by your users;

Please submit the full documentation for your game (includes previous two hand-ins) and your entire game folder (html and Javascript file(s) and any other associated or necessary files). You should NOT submit any files that are not necessary to the operation of your g