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(Full marks: 100)
Section A (65 marks) Answer all questions in this section.
The Objective of this ECA
To provide an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge learnt in the course and to develop/sharpen the necessary technical skills and knowledge on project management.
Please note that: i. The details and names in the ECA case are fictional. Any resemblance to real-life situation is purely coincidental. ii. As information is given throughout the case and the questions may be interrelated, you are advised to read the entire ECA document before working on the report. In some situations, you need to make inferences from the information. iii. Students who simply reproduce the course materials without relating to the ECA case will be given low or no mark. iv. Students shall not include the questions in the report. v. Students are recommended to use Microsoft Project 2019 to prepare the project planning.
You are required to compose a report for Section A.
PROJECT: Implementing a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System
The Country Sports Council (CSC) is a statuary board under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). Its mission is to empower people to live better through sports and help to bring sports into the lives of all citizens. It manages public sports facilities, including the National Stadium. It also works with other ministries in organising events which need its supports in sports related areas.
Assume now is September 2022. CSC is participating for the bid called by the International Word Cup Committee (IWCC) for hosting the Youth World Cup 2024. One of the IWCC’s requirements is the stadium must be audited with a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System. The outcome of the bid will be announced in January 2023.
A VAR System consists of many cameras installed in a stadium to monitor the movements of a ball during a match. The videos captured are streamed to a control room and monitored by three off-field referees to help the on-field referee to make ruling decisions. Although VAR System has existed for a few years, it has yet to be implemented in the National Stadium. Furthermore, with the advances in technology, new features, such as implanting sensor into the ball to detect it though 5G communication network, can be incorporated. Data include the ball’s location and velocity can be instantly fed into Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to analyse the players’ performances for entertainment and training purposes.

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