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Finance for Managers Assignment

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Scenario You are working as a junior accountant within the financial department of a large retail business. As part of your training your line manager has asked you to complete the following tasks and put your work in your training file.

Task 1

Prepare a business report that:

▪ Describes the sources of finance available to different types of organizations (AC1.1)

▪ Evaluates the costs and benefits of different sources of finance(AC1.2)

▪ Compares and contrasts sources of finance for a named project(AC1.3)

Task 2

As part of your training programme your line manager wishes you to investigate the financial performance of organisations. You must add a section to the training file. In this section you need to prepare detailed notes for a meeting with your line manager. The notes should:

▪ Compare and contrast the financial statements of different types of named organizations (AC2.1)

▪ Provide an interpretation of the financial statements for a specific named organization (AC2.2)

Task 3

For the next section of your training file you must choose an organisation with which you are familiar or use a case study. You need to acquire costing data in order to perform a break-even analysis. You have been asked by your line manager to prepare a presentation with accompanying speaker notes that:

▪ Analyses organisational costs and the impact that they have on decisions(AC 3.1)

▪ Applies break-even calculations to specific organizational data(AC 3.2)

▪ Uses break-even charts to present decision-making information(AC3.3)

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