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Assignment Task: write a Market Analysis Report with a proposed Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy.

(Breakdown of marks: Introduction and Conclusion; research on market size and market share: evaluation of market segment and target market: SWOT analysis; proposed Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy:

Select one real privately owned company/organization involved in any of the following five art genres: 1) Performing Art, 2) Visual Art, 3) Digital Art, 4) Applied Art, 5) Literary Art. Some companies are actively involved in more than one genre. When selecting a company, ensure that the business involves creative production (e.g., production and commercialization of original art and/or design) and not mere reselling.

The Market Analysis Report and proposed Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy should, in the order stated below:

• Provide a short introduction to the company/business that you have selected.

• Conduct research and analysis to estimate the size of the market that the business is in, and establish its market share; key market research should be included as appendices (max. 3 pages).

• Establish its current market segment and target audience and justify your conclusion accordingly.

• Conduct a SWOT analysis of the company/business and evaluate if its current positioning in its market is strong or otherwise; the analysis should conclude with a separate paragraph of recommendations based on one or more key findings of the SWOT analysis.

• Review the business’s current marketing mix and assess its suitability in relation to its target market; propose a refined/improved marketing mix.

• Propose an alternative Creative Integrated Marketing Proposal (CIMP) for the business in relation to its target market, using relevant marketing trends; the CIMP must have a clearly articulated central story or narrative that that ties the various marketing elements and channels together cohesively.

• Provide a conclusion to explain why your alternative proposal will be relevant