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Expeditors International is an American freight and logistics forwarding company with its headquarters located in Seattle, Washington. It is a public company founded in 1979 and classified in the logistics industry. It specializes in customs brokerage and Freight Forwarding services, as of 2021 it had approximately 19600 employees. Its total revenue in 2018 was US$ 8.1 Billion, net income of US$818 million, and total equity at US$ 1.99 Billion(Nelson and Toledano, 2018). The company became publicly traded in 1984 following the listing of its shares on NASDAQ that was under the ticker symbol EXPO. In their first year, they reported $2.1 million in net earnings and over $50 million in gross revenue. The company is famously known in the financial services for its entertaining SEC and unconventional fillings.

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The company has witnessed remarkable developments in supply chain services by listening to customers’ demands before designing a custom solution. The company focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of customers’ supply chain services for easy identification of opportunities and challenges(Stinson, 2019). The company has a 35-year experience of working on customs design essential for service delivery and gaining a competitive advantage in the market. The company’s customs are optimized and designed to meet customers’ specific chain demands hence the customer benefits in terms of competitive advantage. Order management ensures once a customer’s order is open, it keeps moving through the supply chain with rigid support ensuring efficient delivery and proper transit with maximum savings. In terms of risk management, Expeditors offer customized solutions to help reduce mitigate and control risks.

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